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Building Material Flame Retardant Testing Machine
Building Material Flame Retardant Testing Machine
Building Material Flame Retardant Testing Machine

Building Material Flame Retardant Testing Machine

Product Model : SL-FL088
SKYLINE:Building Material Flame Retardant Testing Machine Gas Flow Rate:0 ~ 50L / MIN. Air Flow:0 ~ 50L / MIN. Combustion Gas: Purity Of 99.5% Methane
Detailed description

Building Material Flame Retardant Testing Machine


Technical parameters
Burner: Made of stainless steel 200*200*¢3.5(mm).
Gas flow rate: 0 ~ 50L / MIN.
Air flow: 0 ~ 50L / MIN.
Combustion gas: purity of 99.5% methane, or gas of equivalent purity. (prepared by customer)
Measurement of pressure in the furnace: a 0.5-stage pressure transmitter is used.
Timer: 0 ~ 99S / min / h.
Powerful exhaust system: This machine is equipped with a powerful exhaust fan. When the test is completed, the exhaust fan system is activated to exhaust the exhaust gas to the outside. (Other companies that require the ring can set up exhaust gas filtering devices to ensure that the air is not contaminated by exhaust gases)
Ignition mode: high pressure auto-ignition.
Test stand: L380*W380*H1000 (MM), made of stainless steel.
Air stabilizer: a box that is placed under the burner. A wire mesh is laid on the bottom, and a fiberglass mat is laid thereon.


Equipment structure
The machine consists of a combustion box and a control box.
Combustion box size: L1020*W1020*H3930 (mm).
Chassis material: The combustion box is made of high quality (t=1.2mm) 304 non-steel plate, CNC machine tool processing and forming, the arc shape is beautiful and generous. The frame is assembled with aluminum profiles, and the control box is made of high-quality (t=1.2mm) electrostatic steel plate. The surface is spray-treated to make it more beautiful and beautiful. The internal parts are made of 304 stainless steel and have good rust resistance.
Temperature Control System:
Group thermocouple: Nickel-chromium armored thermocouple with a diameter of ¢2.0 and a precision of II.
Thermometer: The intelligent PID temperature control instrument is matched with the K-type thermocouple. Its reading can be greater than 500 °C. With automatic save function.
Microcomputer control

Conditions of use
The floor is flat, well ventilated and free of flammable, explosive, corrosive gases and dust.
There is no strong source of electromagnetic radiation nearby.
Proper maintenance space is left around the equipment.
Temperature: 25 ° C ~ 35 ° C.
Voltage allowable fluctuation range: 220V ± 10%.
Frequency allowable fluctuation range: 50Hz ± 1%.

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