• Why test the shoes?
  • 2022-8-11
  • With the increasing improvement of people's material living standards, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of new shoe Materials continue to emerge in the market, ...
  • How important is heel fatigue testing for women's high heels?
  • 2022-8-10
  • It is well known that many women like to wear high heels. First, wearing high heels can lengthen the line of the legs, especially the calf, which looks more slender, has the effect of stovepipe a...
  • How to test toys' unreasonable dangerous?
  • 2022-8-4
  • Toys are like partners for children, and toys play an indispensable role in children's growth. Because many parents are busy with their careers, they usually spend little time with their childre...
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