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SL-T30 Mattress Testing Machine

Product Model : SL-T30
Mattress Testing Machine Multi-function can do below testing a. Durability Testing of mattress surface b. Hardness Testing c. Height Testing d. Durability test for the edge of mattress
Detailed description

Mattress Testing Machine 
Product Information
New design Mattress Test Machine (Four in one)
It is more compact and smart than the old model with the following features:
Flexible test table frame. This makes the testing device very effective and space-saving.
Multi-function can do below testing:
a. Durability Testing of mattress surface
b. Hardness Testing
c. Height Testing 
d. Durability test for the edge of mattress
Controlled by PLC frequency conversion
After simply loosening the front frame reinforcement the specimen can be inserted into a flexible test table frame. This makes the testing device very effective and space-saving.
The extensive testing and evaluation software LabMaster allows for a flexible parameter entry, the execution of different testing procedures, a graphical representation of measured values, test evaluation, and logging.

The firmness rating Hs are determined independently by the programmed. When the pre-set number of cycles is reached, the test is ended automatically
Field of application Testing of components for beds according to EN 1957
Specimens  Mattresses, cushion frames
Maximum dimensions: 2.0 m x 1.2 m x 0.3 m
Loading unit Roll, active load: 1400 7N
Stroke: 250 mm
Speed: sinusoidal
Number of cycles: 16 2 /min
Measuring device: load Load measuring range :0-2 kN
Measuring device: position Resolution:<1µm
Measuring range max. 500 mm
Speed: 0.05-1000 mm/min   
Number of cycles, testing procedure Loading unit can be parameterized with PLC
measuring device is software controlled
definition of testing procedures can be done by the user
Electrical connection  230V/50Hz
Compressed-air supply Not necessary
Dimensions: transport B x T x H  1460 x 2810 x 2050 mm
Dimensions: installed B x T x H    2100x2810x2350mm
Weight  1300 kg
Testing Standards


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