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Nail Bed Flammability Tester
Nail Bed Flammability Tester
Nail Bed Flammability Tester
Nail Bed Flammability Tester

SL-S25 Nail Bed Flammability Tester

Product Model : SL-S25
Nail Bed Flammable Tester used in the detection part of the combustion of flammable hair, and record the time, to see whether the burning of part of the meet flammability standards
Detailed description

Solid and Soft Toys Flammaility Testing Equipment Nail Bed Flammability Testing Equipment


  • Product description

    The tester is designed for determining the flammability of cloth toys and plush toys, used in the detection of flammability of flammable hair, and recording the burning time, to make a assessment whether the flammability of the burning part meet the requirement of standards.


    • The tester is used as test fixture in the flammability test of solid and soft toys;
    • Place the prepared sample in a draft-free area that can be ventilated and cleared after each test;
    • A specified ignition source is acted on the sample until ignition occurs. Observe the combustion state of sample and assess its flammability.


    Technical parameters

    Items Parameters
    Socket Wrench Screw 1 Material Stainless Steel
    Dimension # 10-32x0.38inches (LG)
    Quantity 9
    Apart from the edge 0.31inches (7.8mm)
    Screw Spacing 1.25inches (31.75mm)
    Nail 2 Material Stainless Steel
    Dimension # 8d×2.50 inches (LG)
    Quantity 64
    Apart from the edge 0.62inches (15.7mm)
    Screw Spacing 4.69 inches (119mm)
    Up plate-stainless steel plate 3 0.12×10.12×10.12inches (3×257×257mm) (LG)
    Bottom plate-stainless steel plate 4 0.25×10.00×10.06inches (6.35×254×255.5mm) (LG)
    Outside dimension Approx. 254×254mm (1×1inches)


    Experiment method

    1. Place the sample on the device and measure the length.

    2. A candle with a flame height of 16 mm, so that the top of the flame ignites the sample for 5 s, removes the flame and burns for 5 s or burns to the other end of the spindle.

    Standard configurations

    Nail Bed Flammable Tester

    Burning Paraffin Candle.

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