• ASTM F963 -2017 Standard Published
  • 2017-11-2
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has published the new version standard ASTM F963-17 for Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety On August 24, 2017. Under the Consume...
  • Launched Horizontal Thrust Tester of Child Swing Set
  • 2017-1-6
  • Horizontal Thrust Tester lanuched in Dec.This tester is simultaneously applied at each suspension point to simulate the horizontal forces created by pendulum effect.Conform StandardISO8124-4 6.1.2, IS...
  • The latest release of Mattress Rollator Test Machine
  • 2017-1-4
  • Skyline Launched New Design Mattress Rollator Testing Machine. This one is more smart and upgraded . Adjustable Speed, up to 20 cycles per minute Adjustable Stroke Upper and lower over-tra...
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What are the U.S. toy safety testing projects?

a)Physical & Mechanical Test(non-electric toy)
–Additional charge for toy chest (ASTMF834)
b) Flammability Test
i) Doll‘s clothing/Textile material (16CFR1610)
ii) Stuffed toys, plastic toys, etc. (16CFR1500.44)
iii) Liquid-Flash Point Test (16CFR1500.3)
c) Heavy Metal Test (9 kinds of toxic elements test results)
d) Battery Operated Toys Test
e) Battery-Powered Ride-on Toys Test
f)Microbiological Test for Water in Toys
g)Machine Wash ability Test
i) Wash ability test
ii)Quality evaluation after washing(Optional)
h) Cleanliness Test for Stuffing Materials
i) Fibre filler
ii) Loose filler
i)Pennsylvania Regulation for Stuffing Cleanliness
ii) Arsenic (as Arsenic oxide)
iii) Sediment and other foreign matter
iv) Electro static charge
v)  Lead content
vi) Oil and grease
vii) Urea
viii) All of the above tests
j)DEHP(DOP)Content in PVC
k)Labeling Requirements for Marbles, Small Balls, Balloons and Other Small Parts
l) Marking Requirements for Toy Guns
m)Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act(LHAMA)(ASTMD4236)(Upto20colors)
n) Life test of opening and closing toy chest lid (ASTMF963Clause4.27)
2. CPSC Regulations
a) Physical & Mechanical Test
b)Flammability Test
i) Doll’s clothing/Textile material (16CFR1610)
ii) Stuffed toys, plastic toys, etc.(16CFR1500.44)
iii)Liquid-Flash Point Test(16CFR1500.3)
c) Lead in paint coating (16CFR1303)
3.Ozone Depleting Chemicals (ODCs) (Class I & II) 
4.Toxic Elements Test on Packaging Materials (Model toxic in packaging legislation/previous name -CONEG)
5. FCC
6. Dive Stick Test (16 CFR 1500.18)

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