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Why Is The Waterproofness Of Shoes Essential?

The waterproofness of shoes is very important to us, especially hiking shoes and sports shoes. When we wear shoes to climb mountains, the slip resistance of shoes is very important. However, the waterproofness of shoes cannot be ignored, and the waterproof performance is good. Shoes can give us a better experience in sports. So, how to test the waterproofness of shoes? Next, I will introduce a product-Ross Flexing Tester.

Instrument introduction

Install the shoe sole strip test piece or the whole shoe sole on the ROSS tortuous testing machine, make the incision fall directly above the center of the shaft of the ROSS tortuous testing machine, and drive the test piece or the whole shoe sole on the shaft for 90 degrees of freedom through the ROSS tortuous testing machine Tortuosity, after a certain number of tests, measure the length of the incision of the test piece, and use the growth rate of the incision to evaluate the tortuosity resistance of the tested shoe sole.



Technical parameters

Six outsoles (12 test pieces) can be tested at the same time.

Flexing angle: 60°,(90±2)º.

Speed: (60r/min, 100r/min) can be switched.

Diameter of tortuous shaft: 10mm.

Power source: AC110V, 10A.

Weight: about 108Kg.


Comply with standards

GB/T2099, ASTM-D1052, ISO-5423, SATRA TM60, HB-T2411 and other standards.

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