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Electro-hydraulic Servo Tensile Machine
Electro-hydraulic Servo Tensile Machine
Electro-hydraulic Servo Tensile Machine
Electro-hydraulic Servo Tensile Machine

SL-T806 Electro-Hydraulic Servo Tensile Machine

Product Model : SL-T806
This machine can be of various metals, non-metallic and composite material mechanics performance test and analysis
Detailed description

SL-T806 Electro-hydraulic Servo Tensile Machine

Product Introduction
This machine can be of various metals, non-metallic and composite material mechanics performance test and analysis, it is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, wire and cable, textile fiber, plastic, rubber, ceramic building materials, food, pharmaceutical packaging, metal materials, construction and other industries, as well as the institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, technical supervision, quality inspection station and other departments.  Can detect the material yield strength, tensile (pressure, bending strength, elongation, tensile modulus, unconstrained strength, elastic modulus, etc

By introducing technology from shimadzu production under the oil cylinder of type host, configure the import oil pump power unit and servo valve electro-hydraulic servo oil sources and independent low noise clamping oil source. Digital program-controlled instrumentation amplifier inside a computer, a control model of intelligent setting of expert system, which can realize various mode of closed loop control, complete metal materials, non-metallic materials tensile, compression, bending and shear test. Can according to GB228 metallic materials tensile testing at the requirements for data processing and test results of network operation.

1 Automatic control, measurement, data acquisition and processing, drawing and print test curve (may be enlarged or reduced local) and test report. 2, measurement and control system, automatic calibration, automatic zero; 3, the test force, deformation, displacement and speed control, the control error is better than the set value of + / - 1%; 4, stepless speed regulation, control the speed and the control way can be arbitrary smooth transition in the process of test and maintain 5, data storage and curve zoom in, in the process of test can be arbitrary shows different test curve 6, in the process of program to run automatically, may at any time into manual control, manually adjust the control mode and control the speed; 7, test force overload automatic protection function, its protection range can be arbitrary set, such as set to 5% or 10% of the maximum test force, etc 8, computer networking, between laboratory can be manageable.

1. The host adopt oil cylinder structure, low center of gravity, the machine has compact structure and stable;
2. Adopts hydraulic automatic clamping, specimen clamping, not easy to skid, and reduce the labor intensity;
3. The oil pressure sensor, high precision, stable performance;
4. Italian imports of oil pump units, low noise, and no impact on the stability of oil;
5. The hydraulic seal with double seal structure, effectively prevent the oil leakage, oil leakage;
6. Configure the jaw plate protection, effectively prevent scratches jaw splint.

Technical parameters

 Biggest test force  300 kN / 500-600 kN / 1000 kN
 Test force amplifying multiples attenuation measurement  1, 2, 5, 10, four gears
 Deformation measurement magnifying multiples attenuation  1, 2, 5, 10, four gears
 Tensile jaw biggest space  600 mm
 A flat specimen clamping diameter  0-15 mm / 0 to 30 mm / 0 to 40 mm
 Circular specimen clamping diameter (mm)  10-13 - Φ Φ 32 / Φ Φ 40 / Φ 13 - Φ 60. Shoulder round specimen clamping diameter (mm) : 13 Φ Φ 18 / Φ 13 Φ 18 Φ 24 / Φ 13 Φ 18 Φ 24
 With thread round sample specifications  M16 / M16 / m2-m24
 Compressed space distance  0-450 - mm / 0-450 - mm / 0-500 - mm. The motor power: 2 kw
 Host height  2005 mm / 2005 mm / 2205 mm
 Weight  2500 kg / 2500 kg / 3500 kg

Standard Configuration
1. a host;
2. a the hydraulic oil source (high pressure oil pump imported from Japan);
3. the company has its own built-in zoom controller card;
4. brand computer, each one color inkjet A4 printer;
5. a high precision oil pressure sensor;
6. a microcomputer control and a processing software (tensile, compression, bending test software);
7. imported Italian oil pump; 8, Italy imports electro-hydraulic servo valve;
8. a hydraulic clamping tensile fixtures , b)a bending affix, c) a compression affix , d) together according to user requirements can be produced.

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