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How to Assess the Resistance to Scuffing According to SATRA TM14:2021


This method is used for determining the degree of damage to a material in mild wet abrasion. Its particularly applied to imitate the scuffing action of a damp hose on uncovered footwear insoles when wear. Except suitable for fibreboard materials, this method can also be applicable to test any sheet material other than non-wovens.


Covered with a worsted repp fabric,specimens of the material are rubbed by a wet circular wool felt pad under a constant contact force as the pad is rotating.

The machine doesnt stop rubbing until the first sign of surface damage occurs. Its required to record the number of revolutions to cause this first damage. The test is continued in a predetermined number of revolutions.

The overall damage to the specimen is assessed according to their mass loss caused by rubbing.

To achieve the assessment, its required to compare the change in the mass of the rubbed specimens with the change in mass of a second set of specimens. The second set of test materials are subjected to identical conditions but without being rubbed. The mass loss is divided by the density of the specimen. Finally, the result is converted to a volume loss.

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