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2014 New Design Toys 2m/s. Dynamic Strength Tester

2014 New Design Toys 2m/s. Dynamic Strength Tester
New Design Toys 2m/s. Dynamic Strength Tester was launched on Oct.
It is more precision and stronger than the old model.
1. Features
a. The body of steel structure
b. High precision speed regulator, accurate to adjust the conveyor speed
c. The high accuracy force value sensor, can be adjusted up and down, it is 
d. Suitable for different height of toys
e. Friendly control panel, easy to operate
2. Application
The machine is suitable for testing of children riding a tricycle at a speed of 2 m/s after hitting 50 x50mm obstacles block performance.
3. Principle
This machine simulate children riding a tricycle run state, will make the sample after put on the certain load at a speed of 2 m/s after hitting a 50 x50mm obstacles block check whether the structure and performance of the sample is in good condition.
4. Technical Parameters
Sample ride toy for child
Sample quantity 1/time
Test speed 2±0.2m/s
Load weight 25Kg/50Kg
Obstruct 50mmx50mm
Test passage width 90cm
Dimension (WxDxH) main machine:153x450x156cm  controller:36x32x100cm
Weight about 650Kg
Power supply  1∮ AC  380V 50Hz
5. Testing Standards
EN-71 ISO 8124-1
Load Weight 25Kg/50Kg 

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