• SL-133 Centrifugal Waterproof Tester
  • 2022-5-26
  • SL-133 Centrifugal Waterproof Tester Use: This instrument mainly tests the waterproof ability of shoes under static conditions, centrifugal test method, in line with GORE-TEX test standards, all stai...
  • SL-131 Leather Dynamic Waterproof Testing Machine (Maeser Zigzag Method)
  • 2022-5-26
  • Use: The test piece is mounted on the Maeser dynamic waterproof bending tester, its surface is outward, the test piece is partially infiltrated in water, and the test piece is completed by imitating ...
  • Why is the waterproofness of shoes essential?
  • 2022-5-19
  • The waterproofness of shoes is very important to us, especially hiking shoes and sports shoes. When we wear shoes to climb mountains, the slip resistance of shoes is very important. However, the...
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Servo Motor Mattress Integrated Testing Machine Guarantees Your Feel-ZZZ

Before a perfect mattress gives you all the Feel-ZZZ, let the Guardian,Servo Motor Mattress Integrated Testing Machine select the mattress of high quality.

The quality of mattress is assessed by 100,000 rotations with Hexagonal wood barrel pressing. With simple operation and powerful functions, it is controlled on PLC touch panel in two ways: one-bottom control and manual control. The whole machine frame is made of high quality aluminum and covered with stainless steel material. safe, durable and rust resistant.

Experimental data is provided by the machine to guarantee quality.

If you have any need for Servo Motor Mattress Integrated Testing Machine, please let us know!  

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