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What is hydrostatic resistance and what is a fabric hydrostatic tester used for?

We often use raincoats and umbrellas on rainy days. If the waterproof performance of the 

manufacturing materials is not good, water will penetrate, and the ideal rainproof effect 

we want will not be achieved. However, it is better to use anti-hydrostatic pressure The 

hydrostatic pressure resistance index is one of the important indexes of waterproof and 

moisture-permeable fabrics. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the resistance that water 

encounters as it passes through the fabric. Under the condition of standard atmospheric 

pressure, the fabric is subjected to continuously rising water pressure until water droplets 

seep out from the back of the fabric. At this time, the measured water pressure value is 

the hydrostatic pressure. The higher the hydrostatic pressure the fabric can withstand, 

the better the water repellency or leak resistance. The fabric hydrostatic pressure tester 

complies with the standards of ISO-811, AATCC127, JIS L1092, and FZ/T 01004. This 

machine is used to measure the hydrostatic pressure resistance of fabrics, and can 

also be used to measure the hydrostatic pressure resistance of coating materials. 

The waterproof performance of various fabrics (such as canvas, tarpaulin, crepe, 

tent cloth, raincoat cloth, etc.) is expressed by the hydrostatic pressure of the fabric.

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