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What are the textile testing items mainly included?

Textile testing items mainly include the following:

Physical property test: density, yarn count, gram weight, yarn twist, yarn strength,

fabric structure, fabric thickness, loop length, fabric coverage factor, fabric shrinkage 

or shrinkage, flexural deformation, tensile strength, tear Crack strength, seam slip,

seam strength, adhesive strength, single yarn strength, yarn per unit linear density 

strength, anti-hook thread, crease recovery angle test, stiffness test, water repellency 

test, leak resistance, Elasticity and resilience, air permeability, water vapor permeability, 

general garment flammability, children's evening wear flammability, bursting strength, 

abrasion resistance, anti-pilling, etc.

Color fastness test: color fastness to soaping (small sample), color fastness to rubbing, 

color fastness to chlorine water, color fastness to non-chlorine bleaching, color fastness 

to dry cleaning, color fastness to actual washing (garments, fabrics) , Color fastness to 

perspiration, color fastness to water, color fastness to light, color fastness to sea water, 

color fastness to saliva.

Dimensional stability test: dimensional stability of machine washing, dimensional stability 

of hand washing, dimensional stability of dry cleaning, dimensional stability of steam.

Appearance Persistence Test: Appearance Stability of Machine Washing, Appearance 

Stability of Hand Washing, Appearance Stability of Dry Cleaning

Chemical performance analysis test: PH content, formaldehyde content, lead content, 

azo dye test, heavy metal content test, water absorption, moisture content, odor, 

mercerizing effect of cotton, hot pressing, dry heat, storage sublimation, acid spot, 

Alkali spots, water spots, phenolic yellowing, etc.

Composition analysis: cotton, linen, wool (sheep, rabbit), silk, polyester, viscose, 

spandex, nylon, cashmere content, etc.

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