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Environmental testing tips

What are the contents and standards of environmental testing? Environmental testing is the detailed site monitoring and analysis of the selected evaluation area. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the expanding environmental monitoring market, traditional environmental monitoring stations can no longer fully meet the needs of society for environmental monitoring, and many countries have gradually opened up channels in the field of environmental monitoring, for socialized environmental testing organizations specializing in environmental monitoring and with CMA environmental testing qualifications. As a living force of third-party testing, it has become the first choice for socially commissioned testing.


Soil substrate solids testing: pH (corrosive), water content (moisture), cation exchange, dry matter, organic content, inorganic fluoride (excluding calcium fluoride), hexa-6, DDT, copper, chromium, hexavalent chromium, zinc, nickel, iron, manganese, cadmium, mercury, bismuth, arsenic, lead, antimony, total cyanide, organic matter, leaching toxicity, fecal coliform, volatile organic matter, semi-volatile organic matter, volatile halogenated hydrocarbons, volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, total petroleum hydrocarbons, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, organic carbon, phenolic compounds, beryllium, cyanide, hydrolytic nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, total phosphorus, effective phosphorus, total potassium, fast-acting potassium, slow-acting potassium, selenium, organic matter extraction.

Chemical compounds, chemical compounds, chemical compounds, chemical compounds, hydrocarbon compounds, combined hydrocarbon compounds, alicyclic hydrocarbon compounds, aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, halogenated alkane hydrocarbon compounds, halogenated unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds, phenolic compounds, aliphatic aldehydes, aliphatic ketones, ester cyclic ketones and aromatic ketones, oxygen compounds, acid compounds, amine compounds, and aliphatic esters, and saturated aliphatic esters, cyanate esters.


Noise and vibration monitoring: environmental noise, social life noise, factory boundary noise, construction site noise, road traffic noise, railroad boundary noise, machine noise, urban rail transit station platform noise, environmental vibration, civil construction noise, railroad environmental vibration.


Currently there are many environmental testing machines on the market, such as Salt Spray Tester, Thermal Shock Chamber, Ozone Test chamber, 1 m³ Test Chamblee For Formaldehyde Release, Rain Test Chamber, Dual Arm Drop Machine and other machines and equipment are used to test the environment.

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