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What is textile abrasion resistance?

Fabric wear refers to the repeated friction between the fabric or with other substances, the fabric gradually wear and tear phenomenon, and the principle of textile wear resistance test refers to the ability of the textile to resist wear and tear under the action of repeated friction by mechanical force. In the process of use, the fabric will be subject to the action of different external factors, especially the frequent friction with the surrounding objects in contact with the project, resulting in different degrees of wear and even damage to the fabric, affecting its performance. Testing the abrasion resistance of the fabric can improve the efficiency of the use of textiles, is an important indicator of the quality of textile products. 

Textile abrasion resistance test is to let the textile in repeated mechanical friction under the action of the performance of the abrasion wear phenomenon mainly has broken, quality reduction, color loss, pilling and so on. The requirements for abrasion resistance are different for textiles of different uses, and the methods of testing are also different. There are many kinds of test methods for abrasion resistance, including flat grinding, curved grinding, and tumbling grinding, etc. We use flat grinding most often.

SKYLINE introduces you to a Universal Abrasion Testing Equipment that meets the American and European standards of AATCC-119,ASTM-D3886,D3514,D3885,DRAFT20-0-70. It is a versatile precision instrument for measuring abrasion durability, bending wear and edge wear of paper, plastic, rubber, textile, leather and other specimens.

For more details please refer to SL-F39 Universal Wear Testing Equipment,Universal Wear Tester - DONGGUAN SKYLINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED (