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What Is The Importance And Working Principle Of The Finished Shoe Bending Test Machine?

What is the maximum bend in a pair of shoes? How many times does a pair of shoes become useless after they have been worn? In order to get this answer, we need a tester specially designed to detect the bending of shoes - finished shoe bending tester.

How does the finished shoe bending test machine detect whether the bending of the shoes meets the production standards?


This testing machine evaluates the bending resistance and the degree of cracking after a long period of continuous reciprocating bending into shoes with a fixed frequency and a fixed angle. It is suitable for testing finished shoes such as sports shoes, work shoes and casual shoes.

Standards Compliant:

ISO 4643, 5423 SATRA TM92


Technical Parameter:

1. Bending angle and speed: 0~90°; 0~300 cpm;

2. Number of test pieces: 4 pcs;

3. Maximum specimen width: 150 mm;

4. The maximum length of the test piece: 150~400 mm;

5. Counter: 6-digit LCD digital display;

6. Power: 1ø, 220V, 50/60Hz, 2.8A;

7. Volume (WxDxH): about 100x80x72cm;

8. Weight: about 236 kg.


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