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What Is The Application Of Rubber Abrasion Testing Machine?


NBS rubber wear testing machine is an indispensable precision instrument for testing the important indicators of wear performance among many rubber products; it is widely used in rubber tires, chariot tracks, shoe soles and other rubber products with wear resistance as the main performance. The physical property test of performance is a powerful tool to help the industry to control the quality status of products.


Standards Compliant:



Technical Parameter:

Test piece: 25.4*25.4 mm

Load: 2245g, 3 groups

Wheel diameter: 150mm

Rotation speed: 45±5rpm

Counter: LCD liquid crystal display, 0~999,999 (6 digits)

Vacuuming power: 2.1kg/cm2

Volume: 565*252cm

Weight: 74kg

Power supply: 1∮, AC220V, 3A


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