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What is the design philosophy and purpose of the Aging Machine for Footwear Testing?

The product is designed with the results in mind when the container used for transport is exposed to direct sunlight during transport, in the manufacturing of footwear, certain materials such as rubber and shoes are in this case Common phenomena such as fading, discoloration, and aging may occur. The principle of this machine is to test the discoloration resistance and aging degree of the material by simulating the sunlight radiation in the container, which can be used as a reference for the preparation of chemical raw materials by paper printing factories and packaging materials.

SL-L09 Aging Machine for Footwear Testing

This machine simulates the shipping container environment exposed to sunlight to test the discoloration resistance of the articles in it, which can be used as a reference for the preparation of chemical raw materials by paper printing factories and packaging materials.

Standards Compliant:
ASTM D1148

Technical Parameter:
1. Light source: light bulb (300W)
2. Inner box size: (50×50×60)cm
3. Outer box size: (100×65×140)cm
4. Temperature: RT-200℃
5. Sample plate: Rotation
6. Timer: Electronic
7. Weight: about 140 kg
8. Power supply: AC220V

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