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How important is heel fatigue testing for women's high heels?

It is well known that many women like to wear high heels. First, wearing high heels can lengthen the line of the legs, especially the calf, which looks more slender, has the effect of stovepipe and beautiful legs, and enhances the beauty of the body; Second, wearing high heels can adjust the proportion of the body, the legs are added by the height of high heels, the whole leg is longer, and the overall look makes women look tall and mature; Third, wearing high heels can enhance a woman's aura, temperament, charm, and other dimensions, to make the ordinary women become more attractive. Fourth, if you wear high-heeled sandals with bare feet, your toes and ankles will be exposed, which will make you look particularly sexy; Fifth, wearing high-heeled shoes can make your body more straight, wear them for a long time, you can show a perfect S-curve figure, and it can also cultivate your confidence, so that you have a better relationship.

But women still have a lot of requirements for the heel of high-heeled shoes, not only to look beautiful but also to have good impact resistance, durability, and quality when stepping on the floor. After all, if the impact resistance of the root of the shoe is not good, it will not only be uncomfortable and unsightly to walk, but it may also damage the ankle joint. In more serious cases, the entire spine may begin to accelerate degenerative changes. Long-term in a state of tension and contraction and the occurrence of lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, the impact resistance test of the heel is very important.

Now there is a Heel Fatigue Testing Equipment that is specially used to determine the ability index of the heel of women's shoes to withstand the continuous force of the heel under the impact strength of continuous impact to determine the durability and quality of the heel. The Heel Fatigue Testing Equipment is compliant with standards ISO 19956, SATRA PM21, and BS-5131 4.9. What a good heel fatigue test equipment it is.