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Why test the shoes?

With the increasing improvement of people's material living standards, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of new shoe Materials continue to emerge in the market, and people's concept of ensuring the quality of shoe products is increasingly strengthened, looking for high quality and inexpensive footwear products have become an important factor in the footwear trade of various countries. To this end, the national governments' Will review regularly or irregularly, revise the old laws and regulations on footwear products or formulate new customs In the laws, regulations, methods, and requirements of footwear products standards, in order to monitor the market footwear products in line with their quality to want to ask. In order to avoid the footwear trade risks in international trade and protect footwear manufacturers and footwear consumption The interests of both parties will not be damaged, and understand the testing content of shoe product quality and its relevant requirements and its development The state becomes very necessary.

Physical performance testing, including:
Anti-skid and anti-bending cracking, sole adhesion, seam, heel adhesion, color fastness, component zipper, touch, closed fasteners, waterproof performance, etc.

Now to introduce a finished shoes flex testing machine, this machine meets the SATRA TM92-1992 standard, and can detect four samples at the same time, its test principle is very simple to test samples installed on the test machine, with a certain Angle and frequency to push the back of shoes bending, simulate human shoes to perform the state of the test, determine the fatigue resistance and service life of shoes, and then evaluate the bending resistance and cracking degree of shoes. Good ability to detect the quality of footwear products.

For more details please refer to SL-L05 Shoes Flexing Tester - DONGGUAN SKYLINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD (