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Toy testing standards and test items

The World Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a revised flammability specification ISO 8124-2:2014, which specifies the flammability requirements for toys and materials used in toys, with the intention of avoiding the incineration of consulting materials when they come into contact with small sources of ignition.

The 2014 edition also revised the terms "hair", "flammable gas", "liquid" and "highly flammable liquid". The definition of such words. The revision also added a number of new words, including "highly flammable liquids", "chemical toys", "materials with similar characteristics" and "molded head mask". In addition. The evaluation of "splash" has been clarified. The test methods section has also been revised to clarify the test function and to include certain public service.

What are the items of toy testing?

Torque - pull test: torque test required instruments: stopwatch, torque meter, torque clamp (2 kinds of specimen plate, choose the right tool). 5 seconds to apply clockwise torque on the part, twist to 180 degrees or 0.34N-m, hold for 10 seconds and then make the part back to the relaxed state. Repeat the above process counterclockwise. Apply a force of 50N+2N for a small dry equivalent of 6mm. If the maximum protruding size of the part is larger than 6mm, apply a force of 90N+2N. 5 seconds on the pound and hold for 10 seconds.

Drop test: Instrument device: EN floor. Test procedure: the toy in the strictest direction from 85cm +5cm high to the EN floor drop 5 times.

Impact test: instrumentation: the diameter of 80mm +2mm weight 1ka.+0.02ka. of steel weights. Test procedure: the toy to the most vulnerable position placed dry a horizontal steel plane, with a weight from 100mm +2mm high free fall smashed toys once, accessible drive mechanism can not be injurious.

Pressure test: test steps: the toy test placed on a dry horizontal rigid plane, and make the toy is tested part in the upper, through the diameter of 30mm +1.5mm rigid metal indenter to the tested area to apply 110N +5N pressure, 5 seconds on the pounds, hold for 10 seconds.

The stainless steel EN71-1 1kg impact tester with bearings is a toy tester that conforms to EN71-1998 8.7 EN1400,ISO8124 standards. It is designed to simulate mechanical damage by the impact action that children may perform. Evaluation of sharp edges, sharp points and small parts can be done after impact, based on the height in metric and imperial units.

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