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What are the requirements for the combustion performance of building materials in Canada?

The Canadian Building and Fire Code Council is responsible for Canada's national building code. Canada's fire performance requirements and test methods for building materials are similar to those of the U.S. The test standard for material non-combustibility is CAN4-S114-M80, and the test standard for tunnel ovens is CAN/ULC-S102-M88. In addition, Canada has a test standard for placing test specimens in the bottom of tunnel ovens - CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88. -S102.2-M88 test method is based on the following three purposes.

One is for materials that are applied horizontally, where only the upper surface may be exposed to the heat source.


Second, for those materials that require auxiliary support during testing, such as loose-fitting insulation, but which do not themselves require auxiliary support in practical applications.


Thirdly, for thermoplastics, where the thermoplastic material will melt or drip when burning.


In comparison, the ASTM E84 tunnel oven test method, which places the material on top, measures lower flame propagation values than the CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88 tunnel oven test, which places the material on the bottom. The Canadian bottom tunnel furnace test solves the problem of loose-fitting insulation for combustion testing. In addition to some special requirements, CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88 specifies the upper limit of flame propagation class as 25, 75 or 150, and the smoke emission class as 50, 100, 300 and 500 when determining the material. CAN/ULC-S107-M87 is a standard developed specifically for the combustion performance test of roof coverings. Recently, some Canadian experts have recommended the cone calorimeter as the standard test method for determining the combustion rating of materials (ULC-S135-04).


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