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What is the test standard for textile and clothing inspection report?

With the globalization of the economy, consumers in various countries are more and more concerned about the quality and safety of textiles, and regulations related to textiles in various countries are constantly being introduced. As an authoritative and nationally recognized third-party testing organization, Xinwei Testing actively pays attention to relevant testing regulations and trends to help enterprises interpret textile testing, garment testing and other regulations to ensure product quality. We provide various testing standards and different testing programs for textiles, and issue authoritative inspection reports.

() textile and apparel testing products.

1. Yarn: cotton yarn, wool yarn, chemical fiber yarn, etc.

2. Fabrics: knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, plain fabrics, satin fabrics, ribbed fabrics, lace fabrics, corduroy fabrics, etc.

3. Garments: jackets, pants, skirts, cotton garments, down garments, underwear, T-shirts, sweaters, etc.

4. Home textiles: bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase, quilt, etc.

5. Decorative items: ties, hair bands, masks, hats, scarves, etc.

() clothing test items.

1. Composition - single-component, multi-component

2. Color fastness - water resistance, sweat resistance, rub resistance, soap resistance, water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, light resistance, light sweat resistance compound, chlorine bleaching resistance, etc.

3. Physical properties - breaking strength, tearing strength, seam performance, pilling, tensile strength, washing size change rate, etc.

4. Chemical safety - azo dyes, formaldehyde, pH, odor, heavy metals, phthalates, etc. are prohibited

5. Other - burning performance, yarn count, grammage, moisture return rate, rope safety, sharp edges and tips, metal broken needles, etc.

() garment testing standards.

1. Chinese standards: GB GB/T FZ/T QB/T, etc.

2. American standards: AATCC, ASTM, CPSC, etc.

3. European standards: EN, BS, DIN, ISO, etc.

4. Japanese standard: JIS

5. Australian Standard: AS


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