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In 2014, the latest launched Caster and Chair Base Durability Tester

SL-T10 Caster and Chair Base Durability Tester

The new instrument than the old one is more easy to operate.It is our company introduced a new product.


 this machine simulation in the process of daily use with caster wheel chair is encountered in the process of moving. Assess castor and base to withstand chair back and forth motion caused by the fatigue stress and wear ability.

Conform to the standard

 BIFMA X5.1-2011-17;BS EN 1335-09 7.3.5.

Testing standards

BIFMA X5.1 2011 17 Caster/Chair Base Durability Test - Cyclic
BS EN 1335-3:2009 7.3.5 Castor and chair base durability


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