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The Blockbuster Launched Chair Stability Tester

Chair Stability Tester is carried out in Oct.

Chair Stability Tester is noted for humanized operation control.The purpose of these tests is to evaluate the front and rear stability of chairs.
A 79 kg (173 lb.) weight shall be placed on the seat at the center of the unit or on the seating position nearest to the center of the chair
A block, obstruction or other restraining device 13 mm (0.5 in.) in height shall be affixed to the test platform. The device shall prevent sliding but not restrict the unit from tipping. On chairs that rotate, the base and casters shall be positioned to offer the least resistance to rearward tipping of the chair
Loader: diameter 200mm.
Seat height: 30 to 65cm, manual adjustment

Weight: 600N increment
Testing Standards
ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011 12 Stability Tests
BS EN 1335-3:2009 7.1.1 Front edge overturning
BS EN 1335-3:2009 7.1.2 Forwards overturning

Chair Stability Tester


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