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What is fatigue life and what is the role of a Shank Fatigue Resistant Tester?

Fatigue life is when the handle is clamped at its rear end as if it were in a shoe 

and bent into a cantilever by an alternating force applied at a fixed distance 

from the clamp. The number of loading cycles required to break the shank is 

called fatigue life. The purpose of the Shank Fatigue Resistant Tester is 

to measure the fatigue resistance of steel shoe legs is used for shoe waist

reinforcement. This method is suitable for many footwear products, such as 

laces for women's shoes, as well as laces for some men's and children's shoes.

SL-L12 Steel Shank Fatigue Testing Machine

Tests the resistance of various shanks for footwear to repeated 

alternating loads under specified conditions.

Standards Compliant:
GB/T 3903.35-2008, ISO 18895-2006

Technical Parameter:
Lower clamp pliers: fixed, with hard steel plane, height 32mm±2mm
Distance between upper clamp connecting rod and lower clamp: 70mm±2mm
Rate: 4r/s
Cyclic force applied to the sample: 49N±2N
Control clamp clamping force:±50
Counter: LCD liquid crystal display 0~99,999,999
With automatic stop function, when the set number of times 

is reached, it will automatically stop It has the function of 

automatic shutdown when the specimen is broken.

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